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SMSF administration for trustees.

SMSF accountants providing comprehensive self managed super fund administration and compliance advice services.

SMSF Gold Coast: Grow SMSF is operated by SMSF accountant and SMSF Association accredited specialist advisor Kris Kitto, formerly of Superfund Partners and Intello.

Kris has been helping SMSF trustees and advisers for close to 20 years on the Gold Coast and from around Australia.

SMSF accounts
As specialist SMSF accountants we prepare the financial statements for your self managed super fund.
SMSF tax returns
As tax agents we ensure your SMSF annual return is lodged on time with the ATO and handle all the compliance work.
Independent audit
We work with one of Australia's most respected independent SMSF auditors to ensure you stay off the radar of the ATO.
Investment reporting
We take care of all investment tracking and reporting for capital gains and investment income purposes. Accessible online when you need it.
Not just another SMSF accountant. We are an online SMSF administration provider giving you access to your fund information when you need it.
Professional advice
SMSF experts you can speak to when you need advice. We are passionate about ensuring you get the most from your self managed super fund.

Why work with Grow as your
SMSF accountant?

Digital by default
As part of our SMSF administration services we utilise 'human' technology wherever possible to make the management of your self managed super fund as easy as possible.
No more 'bill shock' when you get the invoice from your SMSF accountant. Our fees are fixed, transparent and provide great value without compromising on service.
Not just another SMSF accountant. Grow is lead by Kris Kitto, specialist SMSF advisor, technical expert and creative problem solver.
No investment restrictions
SMSFs are about choice. We never restrict how and what your self managed super fund can invest it. Invest in the world!

SMSF administration
letting you focus on the more important things!

Kris Kitto SMSF Administration

As an SMSF accountant I’ve gained not just strong technical knowledge on self managed super funds, but also a solid understanding of what those of us with an SMSF want. We want the freedom, transparency and control of a self managed fund, but we also want to reduce the compliance burden (both actual and perceived) that can sometimes come with an SMSF. I’ve designed the Grow SMSF administration solution based on that principal: We handle the compliance so you can focus on the important. Grow your wealth. Grow your lifestyle. Grow your legacy. Kris Kitto Founder & Director | Grow SMSF Pty Ltd

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20+ years of SMSF administration experience. Starting as an SMSF accountant on the Gold Coast in 2002.
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More than 2,000 SMSF trustees assisted in the last 10 years. Overseeing the largest SMSF business on the Gold Coast.
2 industry awards for SMSF administration while leading the Superfund Wholesale team (a.k.a. Intello).

SMSF accounts online
Keep your finger on the pulse of your SMSF

With Grow SMSF administration you can keep track of your fund online via our specialist SMSF accounting platform:
  • Daily investment price updates (previous closing day);
  • Daily bank account transactions and balances*;
  • Daily share buys and sells*;
  • Investment valuation and performance reporting;
  • CGT reporting and tracking (realised and unrealised);
  • Contribution information via ‘smsfdataflow’ SuperStream;
  • Pension drawings tracking;
  • SMSF accountant reports (balance sheet, operating statement, member statements);

*Supported data-fed accounts.

Dashboard online
Portfolio valuation online
Bank statement transactions online
Contribution tracking online
SMSF pension drawdown tracking online
SMSF investment performance online
SMSF accounting and investment reports online
SMSF accounts details online

SMSF administration
service inclusions

The Grow SMSF administration service is not a basic online only offering which requires you to do all the ‘heavy lifting’ including coding and categorising transactions and uploading all the supporting documents for the auditor (that’s the job of our SMSF accountants!). As per our SMSF fees page our SMSF accounting packages are comprehensive, with the only key differences is that the Base package does not include priority lodgement of your SMSF tax return and there is no annual review meeting (physical, phone or Zoom etc).  This is intentional to simplify the SMSF administration service and keep the fees lower, therefore enabling more people to access the freedom, control and flexibility of an SMSF. Details of the inclusions are below:

SMSF accounts service inclusions
The following items and services are included as part of Grow SMSF administration solution:
  • Preparation of SMSF financial statements;
  • Preparation and lodgement of annual SMSF tax return with the ATO;
  • Preparation of annual trustee minutes and resolutions;
  • Annual SMSF audit (conducted by our independent audit partner);
  • Liaison with our independent auditors;
  • Online access to your SMSF accounts and investment reporting;
  • Tracking of employer and personal superannuation contributions made to your SMSF;
  • Tracking of minimum pension drawings and reminders*;
  • Dedicated SMSF accountant;
  • Personlised phone and email support;
  • Lodgement of activity statements including annual GST return (when GST registered);
  • Acting as the ASIC registered agent for the SMSF trustee company;

*Additional fees apply where the Base package is chosen.

Additional SMSF services
The following items are not included as part of our annual SMSF accounting packages and typically will incur an additional fee from Grow or a third-party:
  • Documentation to commence or commute a pension (from your instructions);
  • Actuarial certificates (account based pension or legacy pension types);
  • Documentation relating to a lump-sum and/or in-specie payment;
  • Establishment of a limited recourse borrowing (bare trust);
  • Creation of a related party LRBA loan agreement and schedule;
  • Amendment or upgrade of an SMSF trust deed;
  • Incorporation of a new SMSF trustee company;
  • Change of SMSF trustee:
  • Amendment of an SMSF tax return;
  • Property title search fees or valuation fees for commercial property;

The above list is not comprehensive. Please contact us if you would like clarification on whether there are any specific items you need to clarify for your SMSF.

SMSF administration
to make looking after your self managed super fund easy

Market valuations
We determine the market value of the funds assets for all listed investments, managed funds and for residential property.
Actuarial certificates
When an SMSF actuarial certificate is required we will organise it on your behalf.
Electronic signatures
Wherever possible we utilise electronic signatures which are more secure, quicker and better for the environment than paper based methods.
Independent audit
We have a great working relationship with our award-winning independent SMSF auditors. We organise their appointment and work with them to ensure your SMSF remains compliant.
We work with you to ensure your chosen investment strategy covers off on risk, liquidity, insurance and diversification.
On time lodgement
As tax agent Grow SMSF will ensure your SMSF tax return and activity statements are lodged on time with the ATO once your SMSF accounts are prepared, signed and independently audited.

Let's talk.
Book a call or meeting.

Taking the first step can be hard.  Let’s make it easy!
Arrange a phone call, Zoom or Google Hangouts chat to discuss how me and Grow can help you with your SMSF. When deciding on someone to looks after your SMSF administration, having a conversation with a real human is the best way to start.

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A quick chat to ask a question or learn more.

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More detailed chat to dive deeper into SMSFs.

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