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We can obtain numerous data feeds via our SMSF administration software platform, has direct electronic connections with institutions in the financial services community. These connections allow us to automatically load your client’s data directly into our administration software on your behalf.

The types of data feeds include banking, stockbroking, wrap account and others from a wide variety of institutions.

It’s important to understand that the availability and quality of an SMSF data feed can also impact your self managed super fund fees.

Different institutions have different authority models. In general, authorities are adviser or individual authorities.

Bank and Cash Account Data Feeds

Below is a list of supported direct bank and cash account feeds.

  • Adelaide Bank (including Sandhurst Trustees Cash Management Trust)
  • AMP Banking
  • ANZ
  • ANZ Cash Investment Accounts (Associated with ANZ Share Investing aka E Trade Cash Accounts)
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Bank of Queensland (BOQ)
  • Bank SA (Bank of South Australia)
  • Bankwest (BWA Cash Management Accounts only)
  • Bell Potter Capital
  • Bendigo Bank
  • CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) & Commsec CDIA
  • Commsec Adviser Services
  • DDH Graham
  • HSBC
  • Hume Bank Limited (Previously Hume Building Society)
  • ING – Adviser
  • Macquarie Cash Products (Macquarie CMA)
  • NAB (National Australia Bank)
  • RaboDirect – Adviser
  • St George
  • Westpac (WBC)


Bank account not listed?

If the bank or credit union account is not listed above. please contact us.

What is the best SMSF bank account? Find out here!

Investment Platform Data Feeds

Below is a list of supported Platforms, Wrap, IMA and SMA account data feeds.

  • AMP North
  • AMP PPS – Personalised Portfolio Service
  • Antares Capital SMA
  • Asgard
  • Australian Money Market – AMM
  • Beacon Wrap Service
  • Bell Equity Lever
  • Bellmont Securities
  • BT Panorama
  • BT Wrap (including white labels)
  • Colonial First Choice
  • Colonial First State (CFS)
  • Colonial FirstWrap
  • Crestone Wealth Management
  • DNR Capital (Dalton Nicol Reid)
  • Elston*
  • Encircle Portfolio Service
  • Evans and Dixon Platform
  • Fixed Income Investment Group Securities – FIIG Securities
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Fortnum eClipse UMA
  • HUB24
  • Implemented Portfolios
  • Investment Exchange
  • IOOF
  • IOOF Portfolio Service
  • IOOF Pursuit
  • Macquarie Equity Lever
  • Macquarie Private Portfolio Management MPPM
  • Macquarie Vision
  • Macquarie Wrap
  • Managed Accounts – IAS
  • Mason Stevens
  • MLC Navigator
  • MLC Wrap
  • Momentum
  • Netwealth Investments
  • Northhaven Wrap
  • Oasis
  • Omniport Wrap Service
  • OneVue
  • Ord Minnett PARS
  • Patersons Accolade
  • Perpetual Private Wrap
  • Powerwrap
  • Premium Choice
  • Praemium including Blackrock
  • Private Portfolio Management (PPM)
  • Politis Investment Management
  • Russell Investments
  • Storehouse Managed Investments
  • Symetry Portfolio Service
  • Vantage Portfolio Solutions
  • Xplore Wealth


Stockbroking and Share Trading

Below is a list of supported stockbroking feeds.

  • Alert Trader Securities
  • Ascot Securities
  • Amscot Broking
  • ANZ Advantage
  • ANZ Share Investing
  • Baillieu Limited
  • Baker Young Stockbrokers
  • Bell Direct
  • Bell Potter Securities
  • Bendigo Invest Direct
  • Beulah Capital
  • BOQ Trading
  • Bridges Financial Services
  • Burrell Stockbroking
  • Cashel House
  • CMC Markets
  • CCZ Statton Equities
  • Chancellor Portfolio Services
  • CommSec
  • Commsec Adviser Services
  • CPS Capital Group
  • Crystal Wealth Partners
  • D2MX
  • Desktop Broker (Bell Direct)
  • Directshares (St George)
  • DJ Carmichael
  • Evans and Partners
  • Euroz Securities
  • Fernshaw Securities
  • FinEx Stockbroking (Formerly Lonsec )
  • First Prudential Markets
  • Gleneagle
  • Hanuman Private Wealth
  • HK Securities
  • JBWere
  • Kinetic Securities
  • Macquarie Online Trading
  • Macquarie Prime
  • Macquarie Private Wealth
  • Morgans
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Morrison Securities (Formerly D2MX)
  • nabtrade
  • One Trade Stockbroking
  • OpenMarkets
  • Ord Minnett Stockbroking
  • Patersons Securities
  • Phillip Capital
  • Prescott Securities
  • Pulse Markets
  • QSmart Securities
  • Raven Capital
  • Renaissance Wealth Advisors
  • Suncorp Share Trade
  • Saxo Capital Markets
  • SelfWealth
  • Sentinel
  • Shaw and Partners
  • Spring Financial Group
  • Stake
  • St George Directshares
  • Taylor Collison
  • The SMSF Club
  • Trend Investment Services
  • UBS (ASX LIsted Assets Only)
  • Wentworth Group
  • Westpac Online Investing
  • William Shaw Securities
  • Wilson HTM

If the broker you are utilising is not shown below, please contact us.


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  • Andrew Brown

    September 1, 2023 at 10:29 pm

    Hello can you take interactive broker data feeds automatically and code the transactions?


    • Kris Kitto

      September 4, 2023 at 11:43 am

      Good question.

      Grow SMSF supports the use of Interactive Brokers ( IBKR ) for our SMSF clients.

      Yes, we code any transactions – from IBKR or any broker – automatically. This is what you pay us for (compared to some other online SMSF providers that make you code and categorise your own transactions).

      At this moment (September 2023) we don’t currently get a daily feed of transactions or balances from Interactive Brokers. As a workaround, we’ve got a template Flex Query Report you can generate via IBKR and upload to Grow. We import into our specialist accounting platform and prepare the annual accounts.

      We are working towards a deeper, more automated data feed from IBKR, so the more of our customers who use their trading platform, the more incentive Grow and our software partners have to make it happen.

      Please note we don’t support options or derivatives trading for SMSF clients regardless of platform.


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