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September 18, 2014by Grow SMSF0

Before Superfund Wholesale was created, there was Superfund Partners which looked after SMSF trustees.

Then in 2014 the business was split into two parts:

  1. Superfund Partners
  2. Superfund Wholesale

Superfund Wholesale looked after SMSFs on behalf of advisers.  In November 2017 Superfund Wholesale re-branded to Intello.

in April 2020 Intello took over Superfund Partners and re-named it ‘Intello Private’

Superfund Wholesale Launched

Below is the original press release from Superfund Wholesale launching in 2014.

18 September 2014.

We are proud to announce the launch of Superfund Wholesale – a revolutionary self managed super fund (SMSF) business solution designed specifically for financial service providers.

Superfund Wholesale is a complete ‘white label’ service, allowing advisors to maintain complete control over clients SMSFs, while increasing productivity and simplifying fund administration.

Company director and experienced practitioner Kevin Nicol identified the need for a solution tailored for SMSF professional advisors to simplify the SMSF setup process and ongoing administration.

Mr Nicol said Superfund Wholesale was designed to meet this demand, providing invisible but extensive back-end support and functionality to SMSF advisors.

“Superfund Wholesale provides SMSF professionals with an easy to use, full support service to set up and maintain SMSFs, without having to lose the client to a third party SMSF administration provider,” he said.

“Unlike some other SMSF administration services that outsource the administration work off-shore, Superfund Wholesale uses industry leading software to deliver unparalleled efficiencies and support to the professional, while allowing them to maintain all communication with their client and full control and management of the client’s funds.

“The service will also be of great benefit to financial planning dealer groups providing them with a structured, white label SMSF offering that can assist to improve compliance and help transition to a full fee for service offering.

Completely cloud based, the Superfund Wholesale system provides advisors with a simple automated process for SMSF establishment, fund administration, auditing services, trust deed upgrades and 24/7 online reporting as well as strategic advice and technical help.

The system has the ability to process clients SMSF transactions on a daily basis, offering the advisor a significant service improvement and reduced delays on obtaining time critical information.

General Manager Kris Kitto said through the use of cutting edge technology, Superfund Wholesale provides full transparency to SMSF accounts, and enables advisors to easily manage their clients SMSF without having to be specialist accountants themselves.

“The system provides information to advisors in real time, helping them to promptly identify any potential compliance issues as they occur.

“Advisors and their clients can also view the value of their SMSF investment portfolio anytime, ensuring complete transparency and allowing the advisor to have complete visibility over their client’s transactions.

“The best part is that financial planners, accountants and brokers can offer a SMSF administration service as part of their own service offering, rather than outsource this to an external party, allowing these advisors to generate further income for themselves.

“Rather than opting for one of the complex pricing models commonly used we will be offering fixed pricing to advisors, which will allow them to set their own fees for the service they provide to their clients. The fixed price service fee includes ongoing administration, annual financial statements, tax return preparation and lodgement, independent audit and as required trust deed upgrades.

“The advisor maintains full control of the client, while benefiting from the full support and compliance assistance from Superfund Wholesale.

“This plug-in solution is something we know financial professionals have been waiting for and it will help them to expand their presence in the SMSF space and drive even more funds under administration into this rapidly expanding industry segment.”


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